“Will you be able to save the plight of the Human race?”


Zombie Outlaw is an interactive paintball experience and a “Bolt On” to your night of terror

Zombie Outlaw

Sign up soldier and help us stop the zombies taking over the farm!

About Zombie Outlaw

Zombie Outlaw is an interactive zombie paintball trailer ride that takes you through the fields and wastelands at Farmaggedon under the dark of night and under UV Light. Paintball guns are fixed in place the zombies are not.

Due to a bacterial infection originating from a nearby Testing Laboratory, the remaining workforce has turned into mutant zombies. The local military forces have contained the last remaining mutants and your mission is to annihilate the swarming hoard.

You will board a ZOP Wagon (Zombie Outlaw Protection Wagon) which is armed with the latest bio-shock weapons and head out into the darkness to hunt Zombie! Strangely the mutants have developed an ability to glow in the dark presumably as the virus rages inside them. These creatures have exhausted their supplies of ammunition and therefore can no longer shoot back; one or two though have been seen to be wielding chainsaws. Remember the only kill shot is a head shot, so “Lock and Load Soldier” and save mankind…

What your Ticket Includes

Your ticket includes approximately 60 “Zombie-Slugz” more will be available from the armory. Buy 1 POD for £10 ( approximately 140 “Zombie-Slugz”) OR Buy 2 PODS for £15. The Zombie Outlaw experience takes approximately 20 minutes. Please ensure you arrive on time for your INTAKE.

This is an outdoor activity; please wear suitable footwear and clothing.

LAST ADMISSION TO ZOMBIE OUTLAW IS 9:50PM..don’t be late as we close the gate!

A UK first… You will hop aboard one of our Double Decker trailers and head out into the wilderness at Farmaggedon…to hunt Zombies! (PLEASE NOTE: You will not be shot at!)

“Zombie Outlaw is freakin’ amazing! You get frogmarched aboard a trailer of guns and traverse through the Farmaggedon wastelands. It’s a Hell of a ride with twists, turns and headshots along the way!” 

J. Baxter

test your nerve

– Farmaggedon 2017 –