Farmaggedon Presents

The 13th Trinity of Fear

Farmaggedon gears up to celebrate it’s 13th anniversary

The Farmaggedon


Four Extreme Scream Attractions Guaranteed to Satisfy All your Scare Season desires.

Run, Hide We Don’t Care! – There’s No Escape at Farmaggedon

Freak Street: Your Terrifying Interactive Monster Experience

Rock Your Way to the Satantic Beast of Terror

The UK’s Favourite Night of Screams and Extreme Terror

No Escape

just ask our VICTIMS

There was so much effort put in – the actors are clearly enjoying themselves very much, and there’s a lot of imagination been put into the houses. They have dancing, props and actors all over the place, and they seem to get a real kick out of achieving a good scare.

I have visited Farmageddon for a number of years now and its always a good night. The attractions are well thought out, exciting and full of actors. It never fails to deliver. I will be going again in 2019. 

I’d not visited Farmageddon before and was weary of what to expect but it was a truly fantastic experience. The sets, the props, the staff in their costumes who gave 100%. I would highly recommend a visit, I will definitely go again next year.

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New For Farmaggedon 2018

Farmaggedon is back with even more devilish ways to torture your senses and chill you to the bone. New Horrors for 2018 Think you know Farmaggedon? Think again! Since closing its gates in 2017 Mr Savage and his unholy army have been devising new ways to scare the life...

First Farmaggedon 2017 Teaser Video

Farmaggedon Sneak Peek Video Watch the first of our Farmaggedon's sneak peek videos including our audio the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) ruled too scary to be broadcast during day time hours!

It’s Alive – New Farmaggedon Website!

After months of carrying unspeakable and performing acts that even Mr Savage questioned we are pleased to announce that the new Farmaggedon website has now risen from the unhallowed ground that the farm was built on. More will follow in the coming months, but for now,...

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