Tickets go on sale Friday 13th April

Farmaggedon Scare Attraction

Welcome to the original fear farm! With four unique scare attractions, an interactive zombie paintball experience, with new areas added every year, plus, movie-grade special effects, professional makeup and seasoned scare actors, Farmaggedon remains one of the most terrifying October nights you will ever experience. Suitable for both individuals and group bookings the only question is can you handle the fear that awaits down on the farm?


Will you get out of the Farmaggedon Fear Farm alive?


Our monsters are waiting to feed on your flesh


Your nightmares
are our business


One night at Farmaggedon and you’ll never be the same again. You have been warned!

Come take a stroll down the Farmaggedon Freak Street if you dare!

Farmaggedon Freak Street

Come and experience a whole new immersive queue-line experience at the Farmaggedon Scare Attraction this Halloween Season. Meet our 12 new freshly created mutant zombies who will help you tumble into your worst nightmares.
In Farmaggedon Freak Street you'll also find Dancers, Magicians, a Zombie DJ. Plus, video screens showing past and present Framaggedon history!

Farmaggedon's Contagion - Will you dare enter?
In the Farmaggedon Meat Locker you will either feed or bleed!
You can never escape the terror on the Farmaggedon farm!
Can you handle the heat in the Farmaggedon Foundry?
Farmaggedon's Zombie Outlaw needs you!


News & Updates

First Farmaggedon 2017 Teaser Video

Farmaggedon Sneak Peek Video Watch the first of our Farmaggedon's sneak peek videos including our audio the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) ruled too scary to be broadcast during day time hours!

It’s Alive – New Farmaggedon Website!

After months of carrying unspeakable and performing acts that even Mr Savage questioned we are pleased to announce that the new Farmaggedon website has now risen from the unhallowed ground that the farm was built on. More will follow in the coming months, but for now,...

Farmaggedon Now Recruiting

We want to be a Farmaggedon Zombie Farmaggedon's Mr Savage is now looking for new Zombies for Farmaggedon 2017. Fancy being part of an amazing team and making lots of new friends? This year we are looking for people to be involved with: Zombie Paintball Acting Dancing...

Farmaggedon Valentines Offer

Farmaggedon Valentine Treat your Valentine to a night to remember at Farmaggedon! The Farmaggedon 10% Valentine Ticket Discount Offer is now on! One lucky soul will also win Fast Track Tickets for 4 people and a Farmaggedon Hoodie! Only the walking dead would miss out...

Hunt us Down

test your nerve

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