“Join and feed …or bleed the choice is yours”


Your fate awaits

Malachi Throne believes he has found a way to achieve immortality through the slaughter and consumption of human flesh. But the hunger grows as each year passes and for Malachi and his devoted followers the transformation has gone sickeningly wrong.

Malachi Throne is dying to “MEAT” you!!

Be warned : If you Enter the “Meat Locker” all will be processed…Some will be chosen…..Malachi will give you a choice “Join and feed …or Bleed”.

In the end everyone squeals….Welcome to “The Meat Locker”.

“Meat Locker scared me s#$@&*!s As soon as you enter this house you get a deep fear you are going to be captured and eaten alive!” 

S. Campbell

test your nerve

– Farmaggedon 2017 –