Farmaggedon is back with even more devilish ways to torture your senses and chill you to the bone.

New Horrors for 2018

Think you know Farmaggedon? Think again! Since closing its gates in 2017 Mr Savage and his unholy army have been devising new ways to scare the life out of you and feast upon your soul. Think the fear farm has given all it can? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

The Beast of Terror

After lying dormant for centuries, the beast of the fear farm is awake and is taking over our first ever and original scare attraction. With an extra 1800 sq/ft of fear, Terror on the Farm, is now becoming “The Beast of Terror”…what lurks within this cavernous behemoth may even raise the dead!

Zombie Outlaw

Farmaggedon’s Zombie Paintball experience gets whole new areas. Despite our best efforts the zombies have regrouped, fortifying their dwellings, creating small hamlets, villages and building their own defences. To combat their uprising, we have camouflaged and armoured our hunting wagons; “they” have NO WEAPONS and we cannot let them win.

Book for Zombie Paintball and experience an extra secret Scare Maze.

On the outskirts of Zombie Paintball lies a terrible secret. Those lucky enough to pass through speak of recurring nightmares, hallucinations and flashbacks; which one will be your destructive menace?

The Meat Locker

The Meat Locker gets reworked. Stay for too long, and you’ll be “severed” on a plate….Think you know this scare house? Think again!

Freak Street

Freak Street – new in 2017 – is back for your entertainment as you pass through it no less than 2- 3 times. Magicians summoning the dead, stage shows, Fire Eaters and Zombie Flash-Mob Street dancing. It’s going to be freaky!


The first 3D scare attraction of its type in the UK goes all out again in 2018 and includes new terrors we guarantee your eyes won’t believe. This house carries an entry warning as strobes and mind tricks may cause convulsions…if in doubt stay out!

Hungry for More?

The House of Rock has more surprises for you as our dancers lure you into a zombie-like trance before entering The Beast of Terror…it’s Showtime!

test your nerve

– Farmaggedon 2018 –