The Beast of Terror

The Uk’s largest scare house takes you to the dark side of all things evil.
Entwined within the incredible sets is a labyrinth of corridors brought to life by the living dead.
From caves to caverns, chapels to churches you’ll be submersed into the afterlife for your journey to Hell.

The Beast of Terror

The remains of what was originally the Waterfield Mansion lay desolate for an age. It was no secret that the founder of the house had lost his sanity during construction, driven mad while attempting to seek eternal youth, embedding blood magic into the very foundations. Countless villagers and servants would vanish without a trace, but with each sacrifice the mansion warped further into the darkness, trapping the energy of every lost soul. Eventually the servants revolted, slaughtering Waterfield within the confines of his beloved creation; years passed and the evil within the house lay dormant, for the dark past had leached life from the very walls where the building had stood, waiting that was until a group of fateful teenagers attempted to awaken Waterfield in a harmless ‘Halloween prank’. As the clock struck 3:13 am the floors shook, windows shattered, beams splintered and the roof crashed down and a portal emerged, consumed by hellfire the house was sucked into the portal, deconstructing as each room was torn from its master, but the mansion had a mind of its own and took the demons within itself. Now regurgitated in another dimension, teeming with the angered spirits of those trapped inside.

Do you dare face the Beast of Terror?

“Be warned this scare house is not for the faint hearted the Beast of Terror will take your soul and cast you into the depths of hell!” 

N. Loughead

test your nerve

– Farmaggedon 2018 –