“This house is a swirl of the mind, insane clowns and day of the dead ghouls; think you’re safe, think again. They will catch you in blink of an eye, be careful as their souls will destroy any good left in you! This is contagion and its festival of fear!”


The Day of The Dead festival is upon us but this year it has taken a frightening turn for the worse… a certain group of villainous, psychotic clowns and other freakish creatures of the night have taken over the once friendly, joyous celebration and have turned it into something more sinister, crazy and dark, luring in unsuspecting human victims into their new-found festival of mind swirling madness. This festival is something no human should endure in their lives but alas, the clowns are cunning and will stop at nothing to devour not only your body but also your souls and your very essence of life!

Clowns are not the only things that have been lured by the sounds of the Dead; many more demonic creatures wait for you inside, are YOU ready to for the mind-twisting torment that is CONTAGION?

The first 3D scare attraction of its type in the UK goes all out again! We guarantee you will not believe your eyes. This scare house carries an entry  warning as strobes and mind tricks may cause convulsions, if in doubt stay out!

“Contagion totally freaked me out; it’s both disorientating and terrifying with new scares at every turn!” 

-T. Brown

test your nerve

– Farmaggedon 2018 –