Farmaggedon 10 Years of Fear Logo

This house is a toxic mess of destruction
disfigured bodies and twisted souls.
Regenerated, reworked and real! This house is called CONTAGION

A whole new experience comes to Farmaggedon, nothing will prepare you for your journey ahead…

NEW for 2015 CONTAGION 3D …where your reality soon becomes the intruder!! Surrender your senses and prepare to lose your grip on life as slowly your torment unfolds….and we take your mind!!!

We were told it was safe… two months ago!

Project Cloudburst was a covert biological weapons programme that only our government and military knew about…but not anymore!

Two months ago a toxic by-product of the experimental weaponry leaked into the local water system and it began to infect all those in the area. It has now spread and is on the brink of infecting the whole county. Lord, what have we done? They’re not human anymore.

Crazed mutant personnel, medical staff and lab techs now prowl ‘Contagion’ on their hunt for anything living…anything warm-blooded. First it was the lab rats, then the monkeys and ultimately turning on the medical staff who tried to help them. They crave your internal organs and marrow from your bones. Those who venture in are never seen…whole…again! The ‘Contagion’ was locked down, but not quickly enough; the mutants were not all contained, it is believed that some survive on the outside, scavenging the countryside. There is a nightly curfew and the military are doing their best to eliminate anything that moves, in the woods, in the fields and in the crops… they may need you to reinforce them at….Zombie Outlaw..

Your mind cannot believe what your eyes are seeing and what your eyes see your mind cannot understand…this is Contagion 3D




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